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1. Share Files

Buildings are stored as [.nd] files on your headset. In this section you’ll learn how to access these files.
This is also how you add design challenges from your Patreon membership.
In addition, there is a Discord server where you can exchange files.
1: Install Sidequest

To access files on your headset you need an application like SideQuest. Download SideQuest from their homepage: https://sidequestvr.com

Then follow the setup instructions until SideQuest detects your headset.

2: Access Files

In SideQuest, select the “Manage Files” button.

Navigate to Android/data/com.NUMENA.SpaceElevator/files.

Now you can add new files, copy files to your PC, or rename them.

Visit our Discord server and share files with the community.


  • New files might not immediately appear in the Space Elevator menu. Use the “Reset Position” button on the left side of the elevator control panel to reload the menu, or restart the app.
  • Renaming files will move them to a default position inside the Space Elevator menu. Default positions are above the start screens.
  • By default the file name is the creation time.

2. Export Buildings

You can export buildings as FBX files from the sandbox. This section explains how.

Note: Only certain furniture objects can be exported. Incompatible objects will be missing from the exported FBX file.

You can access exported files from a PC with SideQuest. More information at https://sidequestvr.com

1. Open Sandbox
Open the sandbox from the main menu or the context menu on your left hand.
Select the sandbox icon, then place the sandbox by pressing the trigger.
Manual Open Sandbox 1
Manual Open Sandbox 2

When the sandbox is open, move your right controller to the export icon and press the trigger.
Then click the export button.

Now you should see a confimation dialog above the sandbox which shows the path to the exported file. Close the dialog by clicking the close button with your right controller.

2: Access Exported Files

The exported file is still on your headset. You can use SideQuest to copy it to your PC.

In SideQuest, select the “Manage Files” button.

Navigate to Documents/Numena Design/Exports.

Now you can copy the exported files to your PC. Check the last-modified date and time to find your file, then rename it.

Note: Our export function will export fbx files in ASCII format. If you need to import them in Blender, we recommend using a converter to convert them to glb. (We plan to export files directly to glb in a future update.)